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How to get diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome

1. Observe the symptoms and consult your family history. Research tells us that TS is hereditary (passed down by family) but non congenital (not present at birth). TS is believed to occur before the age of 18 but there have been cases where people have developed TS in their 20s or even later in life, this is case-by-case.

2. The person must have multiple motor tics and one or more vocal tics. The more information and research presented each day tells us that there is a wide spectrum of Tic Disorders: from something as simple as blinking and whistling to the more complex such as hitting and swearing.

3. Tics occur most days for at least 12 months and within that time must not be free of tics for more than three months. Recommend keeping a ‘Tic Journal’ to keep a record over the year.

4. There are no medical tests to identify TS, only through evaluating the history from their onset.

5. Seek out and find your perfect neurologist. Preferably one that specializes in Tourette Syndrome. It can be hard to find someone that meets the criteria. Make sure you do your research before fully committing.