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Tips and Tricks that help Tourettes

• Do not eat foods or drinks that make your TS worse eg. Coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks, lollies.

• Do as much exercise as possible. It will set you and your tics up for a more relaxed evening and better night’s sleep.

• To keep your TS relaxed at night lessen the stimulation by using gentle lighting, reduce the amount of blue light from screens and if you are a movie buff pick something more relaxing rather than a loud action movie.

• If you find something that relaxes your tics make time every day if possible.

• Tourettes Card: When out in public if there is judgment from people, having a card with your name and explaining your condition with the appropriate links can always come in handy.

• Meditation in the most relaxing space you can find. Remember to consider lighting, stimulation, comfort i.e pillows and blankets, music and meditation apps.

• Healthy Diet which includes lean meat, fresh fruit and vegetables. Try and steer clear of overly sugary food, colours and preservatives.