my name is

Bianca Saez

and I have Tourette Syndrome

"At just five years old, I was diagnosed with one of the worst cases in the world. Today, I dedicate my life to raising awareness about TS"

Bianca dedicates her life to educating the community about TS, supporting those with similar conditions and documenting her experience.

"If I was offered a cure tomorrow, I don't think I would take it. I just want to help other people."

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Bianca lives independently on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, and works as a motivational speaker in Brisbane.

Bianca is available to travel for speaking engagements.

Read all about Tourette Syndrome (TS) or link yourself to a Tourettes support by visiting our ever-expanding Resource page.

This website contains a wealth of information regarding TS and is a social hub for everthing Tourettes for everyone to get involved. Join in our discussion and tell us your story...we only give positive support here!

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